About Us

U3A Surf Coast was formed in 2014 and since then has offered a variety of classes and activities for people who are no longer working full-time, who are keen to socialise with other like-minded people, ready to learn or share knowledge and skills or to just indulge a life-long passion.

There are no educational qualifications required or given, no tests, exams or prizes, but plenty of fun.

An annual membership fee of $60.00 allows members to enrol in unlimited available classes and activities for the whole year, subject to vacancies. If you are a financial member of another U3A, you are welcome to join as an Associate member for $30.00 for the year.


Richard Porter (President)
Sue Crowe (Vice President)
Marg Parsons (Secretary)
Baz Cock (Treasurer)
Richard Drury (Member)
Kevin James (Member)
Deb Mayrhofer (Member)
David Pannifex (Member)
Maria Romanella-Phieler (Member)
Jo Turnbull (Member)
Pam Virgona (Member)


You can read our constitution and adopted policies by clicking on the links below:

Rules Of Association
Membership Terms and Conditions (updated October 2022)
Privacy Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy
Code of Conduct Policy
Bullying Policy
Risk Management Policy
Anti-discrimination Policy
Health & Safety (Injury & Incident Reporting) Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Social Media Policy

What members are saying about U3A SurfCoast

It’s being Under 3 again,
In a class of ten
Where no amount of learning
Can stop the yearning
As like minds approach
with friendship and hope.  Pauline

Being involved in things of interest, having contact with other people, staying motivated.    Sherril

U3A is about connections.
Connections to people
Connection to courses…therefore new knowledge and experience
Connection to community.    Judith

U3A has given me a vehicle for mental expansion, expression, connection and understanding, a place to share, laugh and empathize.  It has made me grateful for friendships and given me strength in many different unsuspected ways.  It has enabled rich growth as a human being.    Jean