Back to school for U3A Surf Coast Tutors

As a follow-up to a tutors’ meeting in February this year, a further workshop was conducted on October 10th with professional education facilitator Axel Leonhardt

The two-hour session was attended by 17 of our tutors. Axel has delivered a number of workshops for various U3As around Victoria and has more than 30 years experience in working with volunteer tutors and other educators.

At the outset Axel challenged the tutors to “join him in exploring content and process, peeling back the many layers of often complex issues.”

Axel challenged a number of our presuppositions in order to best apply solutions back to U3A classes and activities.”

The issues which dominated the workshop, lasting from 10 am until 2pm with a break for lunch, included questions of keeping students engaged, coming up with new material, while making the class or activity fun at the same time.

Tutors also raised issues of keeping students participating from week to week and how to cover the diversity in a class, particularly when attendance is often inconsistent.

Part of the wonderful catering kindly provided by Libbie, Mary, Sue and Marie

Lunch, (pictured) was generously prepared by Libbie, Mary, Sue and Marie and the session was kindly sponsored with a grant from the Torquay Community Enterprise and the Bendigo Bank.

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