I’m sure you have been monitoring the coronavirus situation and making preparations for the potential challenges ahead.

U3A SurfCoast committee has been paying attention to DHHS the lead Victorian agency dealing with the coronavirus disease and we encourage you to stay informed directly with DHHS via

As a result the committee has decided that all U3A SurfCoast classes and activities from Monday March 16th will be cancelled until further notice, hopefully resuming in term 2 on April 27th. This will also include a cancellation of the AGM scheduled for March 19th at Surf Coast Shire We know you, like us, will be disappointed but we believe this is the safest alternative to keep members safe.

Please keep yourselves safe in what is a very difficult and challenging time and we will keep you posted as the situation develops.

On behalf of the committee

Kind regards

John Bartlett President


  1. Congratulations to the U3A Surf Coast Committee for their handling of this difficult situation. It is definitely better to be safe than sorry. Thank you for taking the appropriate steps to keep us students and tutors as safe as possible.

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