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 19THUR02   Yoga and Relaxation for Seniors    KMCC    Barbara Knowles   14/02/2019  Thu   10:30   weekly  
 19MON01   Excel Simplified for Every Day Use    Torquay CH    Baz Cock   11/02/2019  Mon   12:00   weekly  
 19THUR01   Ikebana- an introduction.    Lions Village    Christopher James   07/02/2019  Thu   10:00   weekly  
 19TUES02   Cafe Italiana    RACV    Giuliana Talbot   05/02/2019  Tue   10:30   1stTue  
 19THUR03   Mindfulness Philosophy and Meditation    Torquay CH    Jean Bohuslav   14/02/2019  Thu   10:30   weekly  
 19TUES04   Improving your computer skills Gr1    U3A Office    Jo Turnbull   19/02/2019  Tue   14:30   1 and 3  
 19TUES05   Improving your computer skills Gr2    U3A Office    Jo Turnbull   19/02/2019  Tue   15:30   1 and 3  
 19MON02   Creative Writing: Your Manuscript    Torquay CH    John Bartlett   11/02/2019  Mon   10:00   weekly  
 19FRI08  End-of-Year Get Together    TIA 2    John Bartlett   06/12/2019  Fri   14:30   One-off  
 19THUR05   The U3A Art Group    KMCC    June Marks   14/02/2019  Thu   12:00   weekly  
 19TUE07   Word - A Basic Course    Torquay CH    Kevin James   23/07/2019  Tue   12:30   weekly  
 19THUR07   Mahjong    Star Of The Sea    Marie Darby   02/05/2019  Thu   1:30   weekly  
 19WED05   Tai Chi - beginners    TIA 2    Marie Moulday   13/02/2019  Wed   13:30   weekly  
 19WED04   Tai Chi - ongoing    TIA 2    Marie Moulday   13/02/2019  Wed   14:00   weekly  
 19WED03   Cinema Studies    Torquay CH    Nick Harvey   13/02/2019  Wed   13:00   weekly  
 19THUR04   Survival French Part 2    Star Of The Sea    Pam Moore   14/02/2019  Thu   11:00   weekly  
 19TUES08  Ukelele for Beginners and Up    Anglers Club    Rob Brady   15/10/2019  Tue   14:00   weekly  
 19WED02   Armchair Politics - Australian Political    Salvation Army    Robyn Maynard   20/02/2019  Wed   13:00   weekly  
 19FRI10  Occasional Lecture:    KMCC    Rosemary Faris   15/11/2019  Fri   13:15   One-off  
 19WED01   French - continuing    Torquay CH    Stephen Leadbeater   13/02/2019  Wed   10:30   weekly  
 19FRI09  Trivia afternoon    KMCC    Tim Robinson   29/11/2019  Fri   11:00   One-off  
 19MON05  Be Connected for Seniors    Torquay CH    Toni McCormack   14/10/2019  Mon   14:30   weekly  
 19THUR06   Conversations in History    KMCC    Toni McCormack   14/02/2019  Thu   15:15   weekly  
 19WED07  Family History Online    KMCC    Toni McCormack   09/10/2019  Wed   10:30   One-off  
 19FRI03   Non-fiction Readers    Torquay CH    Toni McCormack   22/02/2019  Fri   14:00   4thFri