U3A SurfCoast Artists hit the Arts Trail

On the weekend of August 17th and 18th, the light filled rooms of the Kurrambee Myaring Centre (KMC) housed the U3A joint exhibition in this year’s Surf Coast Arts Trail. Tutors and students of the Art Group and Ikebana teamed up to mount a striking display of Ikebana and 73 works on paper.  One of the ikebana exhibits provided the still life subject for demonstrating working at an easel.  KMC’s inaugural entrance in the Arts Trail also included some talented work from the youth and preschool groups that use the facility.

The drawing exhibition – pencil, charcoal, pastel and water colour – showcased diversity in subject matter and technique. Some subjects were of the same still life, illustrating the different perspectives and approaches of the artists. Other works included farmyard scenes, street, sea and landscapes.

June Marks, the tutor, said that “the whole experience, of preparing for and then mounting the exhibition, gave both the practised and budding artists a boost in confidence. It also underlined the role of critique in skill development and art making for public exhibition.”

Christopher James, the Ikebana tutor added his own reflections on the weekend here on his own blog: www.roadsideikebana.blogspot.com (scroll down within the Ikebana blog to find the Arts Trail post)


One thought on “U3A SurfCoast Artists hit the Arts Trail

  1. Love the latest news, it is good to catch up with what everyone is doing and especially to see the wonderful work of the participants. Congratulations to all.

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